An important component of Cambridge services is assisting individuals in the family enterprise system to develop effective and inspiring career and life plans and, more broadly, to help individuals be successful in all dimensions of their lives.

Whether it’s helping a next generation family member trying to decide if or when to enter the family business, coaching a family member who wants to advance to a senior level role in the family business, working with a family enterprise leader about his or her options after retiring, or helping any family member, no matter what age, develop a satisfying life plan, we make a significant contribution to the person and family enterprise.


Using our state of the art assessment process—including conventional and customized assessment instruments as well as in-depth interviews—we help individuals better understand their goals, styles, strengths and weaknesses. Through our experienced team of advisors and coaches, we help individuals create and implement strategies that improve their effectiveness in their lives and careers.

Our process is customized for each individual and is entirely confidential. After we understand the individual’s goals, we design an assessment process and continue to learn along with the individual client about his or her goals and nature. This step blends into coaching and advising the individual about how to implement his or her career or life plan. Because we are specialists in the nature and issues of family enterprise systems, we are alert to the specific interests and challenges individuals face in these systems and our advice is tailored to the individual’s situation.