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Next Generation Success

John A. Davis, Courtney Collette, Maria Sinanis

Preparing the next generation to inherit the family enterprise is the single most important determinant of a successful generational handoff. It depends significantly on both the senior generation and junior generation taking active roles in the process. Every year since 1997 at the Families in Business program at Harvard Business School, families have discussed what each generation can do to help the next generation develop as effective managers, owners and family members. Next Generation Success offers a convenient summary of these rich conversations between senior and next generation members. The perspectives of both generations are compared over a 10-year period.


  • Enduring Advantage

    John A. Davis

  • Family Business

    Ernesto J. Poza

  • Family Spirit

    William Grant & Sons

  • Generation to Generation

    Kelin F. Gersick, Marion M. Hampton, Ivan Lansberg, John A. Davis

  • Next Generation Success

    John A. Davis, Courtney Collette, Maria Sinanis

  • Understanding the Power of Ownership

    John A. Davis, Andrew Hier, Courtney Collette, Maria Sinanis

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  • Family Success

    John A. Davis

  • How to Prepare the Next Generation

    Florence Tsai

  • Importance of Next Generation Development

    Eduardo Melzer

  • Lessons for Continuity

    Ernesto Poza